In response to the largest movement of displaced people across Europe since World War II, and the increase in unregulated spaces at our borders, we are a grass-roots collaboration of peacemakers accompanying those who seek peace at the borders of our lives and the borders of our nations.



Peaceful Borders has grown through 12 months of weekly visits to the unofficial refugee camp in Calais, frequently called ‘the jungle’, from August 2015 when the scale of the ‘refugee crisis’ on the France/UK border became more apparent. Focussing initially on Calais our objectives are to:

  1. Offer and enhance peaceful spaces
  2. Accompany peacemakers
  3. Facilitate healing relationships
  4. Train and coordinate reflective and responsive volunteers
  5. Provide relief and transition assistance
  6. Listen to and elevate voices of displaced people in border communities
  7. Support volunteers


Peaceful Borders is a grass roots collaboration which desires to remain flexible and able to respond quickly to a changing and unpredictable environment. As such we do not feel that it is the right time to become too formal, yet appreciate the support and partnership of formal partners.

The work of Peaceful Borders grew out of a 3 month pilot initiative called the Listening Project pioneered in Calais with CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service).  CHIPS remain supportive partners.

The Mennonite Trust provides opportunities for individuals and groups to experience the embodiment of Mennonite and other Anabaptist values including international partnerships and peacemaking activities. They have offered logistical support involving receiving about-small-copydonations intended for the sole use of Peaceful Borders and making these resources available as requested by Peaceful Borders.

Urban Expression is committed to serving urban marginalised communities and agreed to release on of their coordinators, Juliet Kilpin, for one day per week from Sept 2016 – Sept 2017 to further develop Peaceful Borders. They have also offered some logistical support involving receiving donations intended for the use of the development of Peaceful Borders.

We are keen to partner with all who seek peace at our borders in these times of unprecedented movement of people fleeing conflict and seeking peace.


“If you have come to help me, go home. But if you have come because your freedom is bound up in mine, let’s walk together”.