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Peacemaking in violence and suffering 

March 19, 2021

Peaceful Borders’ co-founder Juliet Kilpin was interviewed recently by the Mennonite Mission Network about the beginnings of the peace-making work.

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Britain’s First Refugee Camp? 

March 5, 2021

Our team members have been doing some vital listening to residents and friends in Folkestone’s Napier Barracks, dubbed Britain’s first refugee camp. Maddie, who is working with us on the Project Pause listening project shares some experiences on this podcast.


More Covid-19 Responses 

August 21, 2020

More news on how we have been able to help during the current crisis.


Peaceful Borders’ response to COVID-19 

May 6, 2020

During these challenging months we, like others, have been trying to respond to the dominating COVID-19 crisis.


Refugee Solidarity Summit 2020 

February 6, 2020

Peaceful Borders team members were pleased to contribute to the Refugee Solidarity Summit in January 2020.

MLP Podcasts

MLP Podcasts Launched 

October 17, 2019

Migrant Law Project has launched a series of podcasts they have recorded telling the story of how they successfully broke open safe and legal routes for unaccompanied refugee children from Calais in 2015/16.

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